Olivia Williamson

Olivia Williamson


Website: https://www.theoliviawilliamson.com


   9031 Clipper Drive, San Antonio, TX, 78242

Olivia earned a Bachelor of Arts in English at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi (TAMUCC). She continued her education at California Baptist University (CBU) where she obtained her Master of Science in Higher Education Leadership and Student Development.

Olivia's desire and passion in art has always been the background of her journey towards the personal aspirations of her life. However, her move back to California in summer of 2018, away from family and friends, was the push she needed to pursue her dreams of living out the abstract artist she aims to be.

Williamson's passion for art was founded in painting, however, she has created unreleased sculptures as well. Both forms of art are significantly encouraged and created by perspective, memories, and the everyday life that encompasses her. It would help to include her fascination with hands and how intricate and specific hands can be. Therefore, she is thoroughly and endlessly impressed with the realm of art and how hands play a factor in the results.

Olivia utilizes acrylic house paints with application to canvas. Her process of sculpting is relatively the same as she is significantly influenced by what she is most intrigued and passionate about in that moment of creating a new sculpture. The journey of crafting a sculpture is a constant ongoing process that requires unbroken understanding and focus in the ‘why’ of the creation to enable the true result of her envisioned piece.