Angie Kaye

Angie Kaye


   23755 Canyon Golf Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78260

I have a passion for encouraging others to be creative in how they tell their stories and empowering them to take on the story after we’ve finished working together.

From the moment I picked up a pencil the margins of my school and notebooks have been filled with doodles and words. Perfect hearts and very ill drawn boxy shaped horses, flowers of all kinds and houses that always had five windows. Never four. Never six. Always Five. Don’t ask me why, I was nine. Over the years I’ve slowly began to realize that this habit was not going to stop so my only option was to make a living out of it and here we are.

I love trying out new styles and mediums but my favorite thing to make are giant coloring sheets that pull people in to create something together. There's a magic in a simple black & white illustration and a pile of markers that gives folks of all ages and stages the permission to bring color and personality to it.