Jennifer Urbanczyk

Jennifer Urbanczyk


   137 W Specht Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78260

Urban Tree Company is a tree service based in San Antonio, Texas. We use the wood harvested and reclaimed from tree jobs in the wood products we create in our wood shop. When called to remove historic oaks, massive pecan trees, or other heritage trees, I find the beauty in the tree and bring that forth in the products we create. The trees have stories, have provided so much to our neighborhoods, homes and landscapes. I think it is important to preserve their beauty and usefulness, beyond their end. When I create a simple spoon, I can share the story of the tree that it came from so that people can connect to the history and value a simple piece of cooking ware as something more. Our tables show the growth patterns, rings and shapes of the trees they came from. These pieces will carry their story to future generations. The massive tree trunks and logs from historic oaks can be used in outdoor scapes, kids using their branches and exploring their trunks after the roots are gone.

The goal of my work is to bring connection to ordinary wooden items in our lives we take for granted. People are drawn to our pieces because they are raw, local and beautiful. I try to bring out the inherent beauty in each fallen tree. I hope to share these logs, slabs and pieces in public art spaces with others and in my own work.