Alvaro Del Norte

Alvaro Del Norte



   334 Fairview Ave, San Antonio, TX, 78223

Alvaro Del Norte is a musical performing artist, event organizer, and music teacher. Originally from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico, he moved to the United States at the age of four where he spent several years growing up in the Westside and Southside of San Antonio.

Alvaro’s musical journey began in middle school playing the trumpet, but it wasn’t until high school that a love of performing music grew with the discovery of punk rock which led him to start performing in bands with classmates. Once in college, his desire to rediscover his roots led him to the musical genres such as norteño, conjunto, cumbia, and ranchera music that he grew up listening to (and hating at the time). This new found love of these musical styles led into the development of Piñata Protest in 2006, which was an amalgamation of punk rock, Tex-Mex, ska, and other styles notably with bi-linguistic lyrics and the use of the button accordion which Alvaro picked up to form the band. Also notable was the lyrical content which revolves around alienation from being an immigrant, working class struggles, and societal criticisms. Since then the band has maintained a busy schedule of performing and touring throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. They have played a wide range of festivals and toured with or have been direct support for musical acts such as The Reverend Horton Heat, Mariachi El Bronx, Molotov, Guttermouth, The Casualties, Voodoo Glow Skills, Brujeria, The Toadies, GBH, Ramon Ayala, The Blasters, Authority Zero, Agent Orange, Ozomatli, Mustard Plug. The band’s music has also been featured in films in films including ''Me Estas Matando Susana'' starring Gael Garcia Bernal (2016), "Circus Of The Dead" (2014), and "La Soldera (2016). The band has performed shows such as Monster Garage (2020) and The Food Network (2021).

In 2016 Alvaro formed Los Callejeros de San Anto. The purpose of this band was to cover classic conjunto, tejano, and norteño songs that helped define “the San Antonio sound” as a way to preserve the musical culture unique to San Antonio. Many of the band’s songs are from local San Antonio musicians who had popular hits and helped define their respective genres. The band performs in public, private, and educational events throughout Texas.