Juan Flores

Juan Flores


Website: https://juanedflores.com

Blog URL: https://juanedflores.com/blog.html

   122 Haggin st., San Antonio, TX, 78210

My practice stems from a long history of traveling between the two neighboring border towns of Del Rio, TX, and Ciudad Acuña, Mexico. I have become fascinated by the border town as a point of contact, as well as a portal to ambiguity and disorientation. I am curious about sites of transition, these and similar ones, as catalyzers for deconstructing realities and revealing the absurd. Coming from a family that participates often in flea markets, yard sales, and junkyard scrap hunting, I am familiar with using discarded objects, electronics, and everyday materials with histories to be excavated in conversation with modern technologies. It is in these zones where I find inspiration to become a technological bricoleur in order to escape the limitations given by conventional products and interfaces.