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Erica Haupert


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   17503 La Cantera Pkwy, Suite 104 - 429, San Antonio, TX, 78257

My name is Erica Haupert and I am a professional artist and fabric designer. I have always had a profound respect for the arts. My interest in artistic transcendence takes me places I never knew existed. Searching for the next fascinating image with a rich history is my main focus currently.

I started drawing and painting in elementary school but developed a passion for art in high school. Being an architecture major in college filled my need for precision and balance but ended up not becoming my career. Acting, film production and singing filled my 20's and  advocating for intellectual property rights for major movie studios filled my 30's.  Clearly neither of these vocations were “hands on” enough for me, so I set out to create meaningful art that represented the 40+ years of life experience I have gained. My inspiration comes mainly from my personal life, spiritual symbolism and their dimensionality and histories, world religions and the emotions they evoke in me.

It is my hope to mentor other women who perhaps took several paths to get to their creative bliss. If my story and experiences can help others grow and become more of who they are then all of the hurdles will have been worth it.