Abel Aguirre

Abel Aguirre


Website: https://artofskateboarding.wixsite.com/abelaguirre


   711 Lightstone Dr, San Antonio, TX, 78258


My name is Abel Aguirre and I am a Visual Arts student at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas.

I was born in San Diego, California in 1977 and graduated from Granite Hills High School in 1996. In 1999, I enlisted in the United States Navy as an Information Systems Technician.  During my 20 year career, I served eight years in Europe and lived in both Cornwall, UK and Naples, Italy. I was able to travel throughout Europe during my military tours and visited world famous cultural sites from the Neolithic (Stone Henge)  to the Renaissance (The Vatican).

I retired from Active Duty in 2019 in San Antonio where I live with my family.

I have a few artistic inspirations that I have allowed to influence my work.  I splatter and roll paint onto canvas with my skateboard because of Jackson Pollock. I paint funny and unassuming characters into my compositions because of Keith Haring, the compositions are wild dreamscapes because I admire Salvador Dalí, and I try to posit feelings of the street like Jean-Michel Basquiat did. I am now a full time student in my sophomore year and my goal is to become a full time studio artist and create work for private and commercial customers as well as public art for the city of San Antonio. I have a special interest in public art because I believe that art can energize a space and the people in that space.  Public art has always invoked feelings of creativity and freedom in me, and I know that it does for so many others.