wilson tran

wilson tran


Website: https://wilsontran488.wixsite.com/mysite

   3715 avia oaks, San Antonio, TX, 78259

Hello, I am Wilson Tran and I have a fascination for photorealism. I discovered my passion for drawing during my later years of high school. How photorealism became so influential in my art is that I love to perfect and understand the art style. The technique, skill, and time that goes to a photorealistic drawing is astonishing. I love to take my time on my pieces even if it takes weeks or months. Starting with a blank sheet paper and then making it into something so life-like makes it feel so satisfying and rewarding. I have been doing drawings out of graphite because I believe it is the best way to practice photorealism. The medium that I work with is so enjoyable but yet punishing. The richness in values and the details that it can provide when mastered is the reason I use graphite.