Aquila Sunrise

Aquila Sunrise

   8038 Broadway, San Antonio, TX, 78209

Currently stationed in San Antonio, Aquila was born and raised in Slovakia.

He has been traveling the world for the last 8 years, mostly sustained by playing music. On the streets, trains, bars, restaurants, markets, festivals, gatherings, retreats and social media.

Meeting and learning from beings of various cultures and ways of life, he has been adding to his repertoire, infusing his style with the spirit of the people from all over.

The main mission has become cocreating a world of free self-expression and cooperative communication.

He's been trying to contribute to this by holding workshops on communication, mixing elements of Authentic Relating and Non-violent Communication movements;

and by playing soulful and heartfelt music of varying moods, using voice, guitar, bass, flute, didgeridoo, handpan and percussion, inviting people to consciously feel and express, to open their voice, to move their body, to share creative joy.