Stefani Job Spears

Stefani Job Spears


   227 Sequoia Dr, San Antonio, TX, 78232

Stefani Job Spears holds a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. She has been teaching Visual Arts throughout the state for thirty years. As an artist-in-residence for the Texas Commission on the Arts, Spears developed curriculum and fine art standards for public schools. In addition, Spears has taught Art, developed events and programs for the Southwest School of Art and Saint Mary's Hall. Her innovative art works frequently cross media boundaries, combining handmade paper, printmaking, oils and watercolors that reflect her love of nature and landscapes.

When we look at a work of art, we see only ourselves; whatever we feel, whatever we believe is what we see before us.

The works have developed from a penchant to explore the strangely paradoxical, symbiotic relationship between man and nature. This is reflected in the simultaneous uniting and fracturing of compositional elements. Color is the primary character in my prints, oil paintings and watercolors, leading me to explore the fractal possibilities found in nature.

My intention is not only to create "a thing of beauty, but a sensation, a recollection, a different perception, but a glimpse inside ourselves and souls."