Red Rojas

Red Rojas


   228 Westminster Ave, San Antonio, TX, 78228

My name is Red Rojas, I am a 2 spirit Queer Xicanx Gem. My pronouns are they / them, el / elle.  I Was born and raised in Yanawana, Somi Se’k (occupied San Antonio, Texas). I am an interdisciplinary freelance artist. My main medium is Body Painting, which serves as a tool and portal for me to connect with sacred self, ancestors and to connect with others.

I find purpose in being of service and sharing space with community who share similar goals. I am an active member and fire keeper for Kalpulli Ayolopaktzin (intertribal familia tradición Mexica. Chichimeca). I am the Executive Assistant Maria Turvin/ Vice President and Medic-Healer in the Non-Profit Org  Yanawana Herbolarios. I am a co-founder of a consulting firm called De Corazon Circles, we are embodied practitioners of radical love, sustaining culturally informed and heart centered healing through circle keeping.

While I hold many roles in community I am in the process of working with the medicines I hold and am passionate about, Healing with sacred Body Paining.

I have a small business called ChichiMetztli where hold space for our Guerrerx Companerx in the form of body art. 

I practice these offerings with the guidance of my teachers, mentors, guides and ancestors with accountability and radical love; my intentions are reconnect with ancestral traditions/ teachings, center community care and BITQPOC, heal oneself and hold space for community healing in hopes to live in harmony with Mother Earth.