Jul 20 2019
ARTS San Antonio Presents Lightning and Lasers Liv...

ARTS San Antonio Presents Lightning and Lasers Liv...

Presented by ARTS San Antonio at Charline McCombs Empire Theatre


When Nikola Tesla invented his coil in 1891, he probably never imagined the ominous structures taking the place of the violin or French horn. But with time, anything’s possible. Music trio ArcAttack adds its own spin to Tesla’s dream machine. When the lights go down, a loud buzz generates, followed by streaks of lightning into the air. Then the music begins, followed by the sound of drums that are precise as can be. What follows is an overload of light and sound that is pure amazing and a melange of familiar melodies.

Laser Spectacles is the brainchild of president and founder, Tim Walsh. Started in 1985 as a Texas corporation, Laser Spectacles has blazed a trail of laser show success into the 21st century.


Admission Info

Tickets: $29-$99 

Individual tickets for this performance are now on sale $29-$99. You may also purchase tickets to this performance through any 2018-19 season subscription plan. Save up to 46% when you subscribe! Subscription prices start at $61. 


Phone: 210-226-2891

Email: info@artssa.org

Dates & Times

2019/07/20 - 2019/07/20

Location Info

Charline McCombs Empire Theatre

208 E. Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205