Apr 06 2020
May 31 2020
Five-Minute Tours: La Mujer: Vida Y Valor at Centr...

Five-Minute Tours: La Mujer: Vida Y Valor at Centr...

Presented by Centro Cultural Aztlan at Centro Cultural Aztlan

La Mujer: Vida Y Valor at Centro Cultural Aztlan in San Antonio. Dates: March 12 – April, TBD.

La Mujer: Vida y Valor is a two person show featuring mujeres Dolores Godinez and Cynthia Jane Treviño. For Godinez and Treviño, México is their ancestors’ home. From the mythology of Aztlán, comes the story of Coatlicue, the mother earth goddess who is shattered into many pieces so that she can conceive humanity. The modern woman of many cultures today—Chicana, Latinx and Black Womxn’s worlds—are shattering the mold to put their own expressions out into the world. Women have the capacity to be bold and determined. The artworks themselves show the different facets of the female creation. From Coatlicue to today’s break out spirit of life, we find mujeres taking on the world and inspiring us to do the same.”

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2020/04/06 - 2020/05/31

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Centro Cultural Aztlan

1800 Fredericksburg Rd., San Antonio, TX 78201