Jan 30 2021
Apr 18 2021
The Machine Inside: Biomechanics

The Machine Inside: Biomechanics

Presented by Witte Museum at Witte Museum

The Machine Inside: Biomechanics takes students and families beyond the surface of nature to explore the invisible workings within, using 80 specimens, large scale videos, digital interactives and safely spaced mechanical interactives and biomimicry innovations. By delving deep, speeding things up, slowing things down, and presenting anatomy and physiology of plants and animals. The Machine Inside: Biomechanics gives us a new appreciation for the machine inside all of us.

Presented in both English and Spanish.

The Machine Inside: Biomechanics at the Witte Museum is presented by Dr. Bob and Stephanie Girling. 

Admission Info

The Machine Inside: Biomechanics will be on view January 30 – April 18, 2021 in the Kathleen and Curtis Gunn Gallery. Admission is $5 plus museum admission, $4 for Witte Museum members.

Phone: 210.357.1910

Email: Reservations@WitteMuseum.org

Dates & Times

2021/01/30 - 2021/04/18

Location Info

Witte Museum

3801 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209