Oct 29 2021
Day of the Dead River Parade

Day of the Dead River Parade

Presented by La Gloria Day of the Dead at La Villita Historic Arts Village

Día de Muertos come to life, allowing us to share the heritage of honoring our deceased loved ones by celebrating and remembering their lives.
San Antonio, a city thriving with diversity, heritage and history, is the perfect U.S. host for unique and authentic Day of the Dead celebrations, artwork and family traditions you would normally only experience in Mexico.  Día de Muertos is a holiday meant to celebrate together with family and friends.  We want to celebrate with you.
On Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, people invite their loved ones to cross over to the land of the living, where we honor and celebrate their lives  and memory with food, music, and community.
This year, San Antonio will celebrate the third Día de los Muertos with the San Antonio’s  Day of the Dead River Parade. More than 20 decorated river barges will sail down the San Antonio RiverWalk, each one representing a different aspect of  the holiday or commemorating those who have passed away.
As we invite the souls “en el más allá” to our altars this year for Day of the  Dead, we will rejoice in the memory of our deceased loved ones and reflect on  the legacies and lessons they’ve left behind.

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2021/10/29 - 2021/10/29

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La Villita Historic Arts Village

418 Villita St., San Antonio, TX 78205