Apr 07 2017
A Guide to Chesses! Poems, Paintings and Works

A Guide to Chesses! Poems, Paintings and Works

Presented by Hausmann Millworks at Hausmann Millworks

Cheese will be the topic of San Antonio’s celebration of National Poetry Month at 5:30 pm  April 7 2017, at Hausmann Millworks, 925 West Russell. The event is open and free to the public.
The celebration includes poetry readings and exhibition of works by Millworks artists based on their interpretation of Guide To Cheeses (italicized) by renowned cheese connoisseur and author Pierre Androuet.

Pierre Androuët’s Guide to Cheeses might as well be titled A Guide to Life. The more than 500 pages of the books covers everything you would ever want to know about cheese—from cheese by flavor and season to climate and pasturage to special and non-French cheeses to how to serve, store, and enjoy cheese. Photographs, a dictionary of cheeses and a glossary round out this comprehensive guide to cheeses.

But it is the first 23 pages of this well written, easy-to-read book that makes a compelling case that A Guide to Life could justifiably be its alternate title. Androuët wrote these introductory pages in the form of a letter to his 15-year-old daughter who, being of the third generation of the Androuët family, will eventually inherit the family’s cheese business. It’s a tender, loving letter that bespeaks of the author’s passion and love for and understanding and wisdom of the family’s cheese business which was passed on to him by his father.

Androuët writes: “At your age, however, one’s mind is often a vagabond, and that is why I am writing you this letter. I want to write it in such a way that anyone who reads it will have the feeling that he has had lunch in our home and that his curiosity about cheeses has been satisfied. I don’t doubt that such curiosity exists.”
Like good cheese, this book is easy to digest. Like good cheese, each page is nourishing, pleasing to the palate especially when shared with friends. 

So, come to the April 7 5:30 - 7:30pm (reading starts at 6) of Guide to Cheeses and accompanying art exhibit, eat cheese with friends, and get your curiosity satisfied!

Parking along West Russell Street.

This is the third annual celebration of National Poetry Month by Hausmann Millworks presented in a creatively unique visual and meet-the-artist approach. The two previous poetry month readings and exhibitions were of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old and the Sea and The Sun Also Rises.

Other Millworks activities and events include workshops, presentations by guest lecturers, and open houses.
The Millworks is a creative community of more than 80 local artists crafts people and 49 Studios and  housed in studios in a former woodworking mill that was operational from 1973 to 2007. Its grounds cover a city block by the railroad tracks in the historic Alta Vista neighborhood, two blocks off West Woodlawn Avenue, in the vicinity of San Pedro Park and San Antonio College.

*100% of the sale of work from the show goes directly to the artists.
For more information call: Rex 210.884.6390 or Renee 210.386.3115

For more about Hausmann Millworks, visit www.hausmannmillworks.com.

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2017/04/07 - 2017/04/07

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Hausmann Millworks

925 W. Russell Place, San Antonio, TX 78212