Jul 06 2018
Fission: SAY Sí's Senior Thesis Exhibition

Fission: SAY Sí's Senior Thesis Exhibition

Presented by SAY Sí at SAY Si


: a splitting or breaking up into parts

: the division of an organism into new organisms as a process of reproduction

: the splitting of an atomic nucleus resulting in the release of large amounts of energy


On Friday, July 6, 2018, SAY Sí’s 2018 graduating class presents their senior thesis exhibition, “Fission”, an introspective showcase examining the individual journey each artist will take as they depart and continue their artistic studies.


Fission is a scientific term referencing the division of an atom or organism into two or more parts. Separating from a single body of artists, each of SAY Sí’s 25 graduating seniors will carry on as individuals launching separate trajectories into the world. In their last showcase at SAY Sí, they will energetically celebrate their many accomplishments before splitting on their separate paths. Filled with new energy, they will spread their creative influence to the many places each will go.


For their final exhibition, SAY Sí seniors have been given the freedom to form a final body of work as students. Using their creativity and talent to curate the show from inception to exhibition, student-artists work together to organize logistics, fundraising and promotion.


In “Fission”, SAY Sí seniors will present a variety of work, showcasing their skills as multidisciplinary artists and diverse storytellers, to freely express themselves and how they see the world around them.


Mediums chosen include: painting, photography, mixed-media, film, installation and other experimental processes. In addition, senior students in the ALAS Youth Theatre Company will present their original theatre performances, written, performed and directed by SAY Sí student-artists.

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Email: nicole@saysi.org

Dates & Times

2018/07/06 - 2018/07/06

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1518 S Alamo, San Antonio, TX 78204