KRTU-FM 91.7

KRTU-FM 91.7




 One Trinity Place, San Antonio, TX 78212

KRTU 91.7, a non-profit, listener supported radio station, is a resource of the Department of Communication that supports the academic curriculum while demonstrating Trinity University’s leadership in education and the arts. In 2007, KRTU joined the first wave of radio stations in the country to begin broadcasting in HD digital audio. The conversion to the new format was made possible through a technology grant provided by the AT&T Foundation. What started as a strictly volunteer lab is now a highly-active media outlet that ties professional staff with community volunteers and students working as interns, managers and on-air hosts. The operational development for KRTU has been doubly robust since adopting the jazz format in 2002, and through the enthusiastic support of our members, we look forward to a bright future for KRTU. Founded in the mid-1970s by a staff member and a group of industrious students, Trinity University’s KRTU has become a cultural force in San Antonio. From 10 watts of power in 1976 to 8900 ‘HD’ watts in 2009; from a staff of one to a full-time professional staff of six; from a mixing board and a box of albums to a library of music that spans over 100,000 songs, KRTU has become a premier jazz and indie rock destination. All this while remaining connected with its missions of education and community enrichment.