Jump-Start Performance Co.

Jump-Start Performance Co.

Performing Arts: Theatre

Website: http://www.jump-start.org



 710 Fredericksburg Rd., San Antonio, TX 78201

Jump-Start presents over 40 separate events and more than 100 individual performances each year. Nationally, Jump-Start is one of only a few theaters that focuses exclusively on the creation and presentation of new works. Regionally, ours is the only theater that consistently produces original performances, provides an avenue for emerging artists, and engages communities by offering work that comments on important social issues.

Jump-Start’s core programming includes original work developed by company artists; presenting and/or collaborating with local, national, and international guest artists; and arts-based community education. Jump-Start also hosts exhibitions of affiliated or community-based visual artists and creates and/or participates in public performance projects that are often collaborative or site-specific in nature.