River Return

River Return

Functional - Outdoor Sculpture

Website: https://sariverfound.org/portfolio/river-return-stacy-levy/

 807 Mission Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78210

To create a visual connection between the portal and the Mission Philadelphia environmental artist Stacy Levy designed a portal that allows visitors a view of both Mission Concepción and the San Antonio River. Surrounding stone walls, designed in coordination with Levy, mimic the turbulent flow of water while leading visitors through the lower plaza towards the Mission. Circular LED lights accentuate the varying height, width, and batter of each wall on the plaza floor. Design elements are intended to evoke the architectural style of the Mission without specifically replicating the features of the historic structure.

Learn more about this artwork and the rest of the San Antonio River Foundation’s collection at https://sariverfound.org/art-along-the-river/.

Medium type: Concrete

Location Info

807 Mission Rd

807 Mission Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78210

Additional Information

Location :

South side of Concepcion Park