Ballroom Luminoso

"Ballroom Luminoso" by Tucson, Arizona based artist team Creative Machines Inc., Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock, is located at the underpass of Theo/Malone and IH-35. The artwork transforms an ordinary underpass into a community shadow theater. A series of six brilliantly lit, color-changing chandeliers hang from the underpass casting bright shapes and colored shadows approximately 40 feet. Each installation is made from recycled bike parts and other metals with LED lights used to allow for creative expression with minimal maintenance. The piece is culturally relevant and gives new meaning and significance to the Theo/Malone Underpass.

Category: Installation

Medium type: LED/Light; Steel

Date created: 2013

Dimensions: 4ft diameter


100-198 Rochambeau St, San Antonio, TX, 78214

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Accession Number: 2013.CRE.1
Location: IH-35 at Theo/Malone Underpass
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