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"Bloom" by San Antonio artist Leticia Huerta is comprised of three unique metal sculptures. The sculptures are series a wildflowers created from larger-than-life bicycle parts. The artwork takes inspiration from trail users and the native wildflowers nearby. The surrounding area has been shaped by years of flooding which has created a rough terrain ideal for hikers and mountain bikers. Silver rings are placed on the flower stems to indicate various flood level. The flowers stand 12 feet high symbolizing the height of the 100 year flood water, showing the extent of extreme flooding at each site. The artwork is placed to allow for the locations of two different entrances of the Mud Creek Trail to be easily identified.


San Antonio, TX, 78232

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Accession Number: 2018.HEU.1
Location: McAllister Park / Mud Creek Trail
Location Interior/Exterior: Artwork accessible from Optimist's Pavilion and the Blue Trail off Buckhorn Road.
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Medium type: Steel

Date created: 2018