Henry B. Gonzalez

Location: Downtown
Henry B. Gonzalez

"Henry B. Gonzalez" by Houston artist LarryLudtke is a life-size standing portrait figure of Gonzalez in a suit. His arms are bent with hands in front of chest. The index finger points to the center finger on left hand which is open.


200 Market St., San Antonio, TX, 78205

Additional Information

Accession Number: 2001.LUD.1
District: 1
Location: Convention Center on corner of South Alamo St and East Market St
Location Interior/Exterior: exterior
Alt URL: http://www.amazon.com/Life-Bronze-Lawrence-Ludtke-Sculptor/dp/1603449434


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Medium type: Bronze

Date created: 1987

Dimensions: 78" x 27" x 22" x 47", base 6" x 49"