Motivated Community and Joyful Momentum

Motivated Community and Joyful Momentum are the City’s first collaboration with local arts nonprofit San Antonio Street Art Initiative. Led by local artist team Adriana Garcia, Manola Ramirez and Maria Ramirez, the project is the first painted murals with a sports and recreation theme in the City’s collection.

Both murals were designed to relate to one another by showcasing a motivated community while also featuring native foliage. The whimsical artwork features a juxtaposition of two artistic styles—graphic design and portraiture.

Motivated Community, the larger mural (22 feet tall by 90 feet wide) showcases images of real individuals who use the facilities engaging in various types of recreational activities enjoyed at the center and connecting park. The transforming athletic equipment becomes a type of sunset conveying the variety of activity in the area. This mural is joined by companion mural Joyful Momentum, located on the side of the building facing Zarzamora Street. Joyful Momentum features undulating colors accentuated with bright images of native foliage and is punctuated with a smiling boy swinging, inviting the passing public to join the fun!

Category: Mural; Painting
Location: Parks

Medium type: Paint

Date created: 2022

Associated artists

Adriana M Garcia, Manola and Maria Ramirez


1011 Gillette Blvd., San Antonio, TX, 78224


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