Najo Jām (Our Home)

“Najo Jām” (Our Home) by collaborating San Antonio artists Carlos Cortés and Doroteo Garza is a public art installation at Comanche Lookout Park. The design is pan-Indian—relating to the multiple indigenous tribes that lay claim to this land. The artwork is made from reinforced concrete to look like stone and wood, a technique called “trabajo rustico” or “faux bois,” giving it a natural and organic form, along with contributing to its aged appearance as if they were placed together from the far-off past.

The title of the artwork is in the Coahuiltecan language Pajalate meaning “Our Home”. The name pays tribute to the ancestors of this land and future generations. The site will become a welcoming space inviting interaction and respite after a long hike through the Park. The artwork features many symbols related to Native American ceremony and religion. For more, check out this Najo Jām detailed narrative.

You can also see a part of this installation at the River Walk Public Art Garden.

Location: Parks

Medium type: Concrete

Date created: 2020

Associated artists

Carlos Cortes
Carlos Cortes


15551 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78247



  • San Antonio Public Art: Najo Jām (Our Home)

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