Spheres of Reflection

Spheres of Reflection pays homage to African American Culture.

Spheres of Reflection by local artist Kaldric Dow is a sculpture paying homage to the representation of African American culture. Spheres of Reflection depicts an ambiguous face—making the character universal and interpretive at the same time. The face is topped by a cylindrical tower of dark, reflective spheres symbolic of hair. The representation of natural hair seen in this piece is significant because of the connection between hair and cultural identity.

The bottom layers of spheres feature several key words commonly used by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his speeches and writings. The words are dream, sincerity, bold, desire, brave, unity, gratitude, accountability, devotion, and change. The inclusion of such terms invites the viewer to think about King’s teachings.

Additionally, the spheres are reflective to emphasize King’s philosophy of self-reflection and introspection to create positive change to the outside world; with hopes that viewers can see each word and think about how it calls themselves, San Antonio, and the nation to action.

Kaldric Dow is a leading African American artist of the millennial generation. Dow’s interest in representation is a common theme in his artwork. Through utilization of strong perspectives, tone, texture, and lighting, he pays delicate attention to how skin tone is portrayed.

His work is centered in art historical references and color theory to represent and depict African American figures—who are historically underrep

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Location: Parks

Medium type: Steel

Date created: 2021

Dimensions: 16.5 ft tall (5ft head, 7.5 ft hair, 4ft base)

Associated artists

Kaldric Dow


3503 Martin Luther King Dr., San Antonio, TX, 78220

Additional Information

Accession Number: 2021.DOW.1
District: 2
Location: Martin Luther King Park
Artist URL: https://events.getcreativesanantonio.com/artist/kaldric-dow/
Alt URL: https://www.kaldricdow.com/


  • Spheres of Reflection pays homage to African American Culture.

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