“Spineway” by New York based artist Mark Fornes is modeled after architectural bridges that symbolize the connection of Woodlawn Lake Park to the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as, reflecting the movement of people from every direction that use the park. The structure is comprised of 1,009 aluminum 1/8″ shingles, 19,429 rivets, 12 precast concrete feet, and 22 different colors creating an iconic gateway that sits 20′ H x 63′ W x 26′ D. The metal’s chiseled motif creates a structural flow allowing speckled light to pass through the shingles during the day and LED lights at night providing an inviting glow for the passersby to explore the installation. The complete redesign of the triangle island includes new sidewalks, parking enhancements and landscaping.

Location: Parks

Medium type: Aluminum; Concrete; Paint

Date created: 2015

Dimensions: 20' H x 63' W x 26' D

Associated artists

Marc Fornes
Marc Fornes


1401 Cincinnati Avenue, San Antonio, TX, 78201

Additional Information

Accession Number: 2015.FOR.1
District: 7
Location: Woodlawn Lake
Artist URL: http://theverymany.com/


  • Spineway reflects the movement of people from multiple directs.

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