Stargazer (Citlali)

“Stargazer (Citlali)” by internationally renowned Mexican Artist Pedro Reyes has joined the public art collection at the River Walk Public Art Garden. Originally inspired by San Antonio’s Tricentennial celebrations, this monumental-scale sculpture features a woman that holds and gazes upon a star-like object held between her fingers. Built at over 16 feet tall upon a 5-foot base and crafted with more than 80 pieces of Mexican volcanic stone and a marble star, “Stargazer (Citlali)” ascends over visitors as they make their way through the garden along the meandering banks of the River Walk.

Though the sculpture is open to interpretation, Reyes aims to connect the sculpture to the environment, history, and people of San Antonio. The star-shaped object can represent a lone star or a human being; while the figure can represent the indigenous population which inhabited the land thousands of years ago through today, San Antonio’s heritage, or even Mother Earth. “Citlali” means “star” in Nahuatl (an Aztec language), the indigenous language of Reyes’ hometown Mexico City.

“I wanted to offer a work that transcends the relatively recent borders and boundaries we know today to offer an ageless perspective in celebration of San Antonio’s more than three hundred years of distinctive history and culture,” said Reyes. “The star could be a star like the ones that shine over San Antonio each night — the same ones that have been contemplated by all peoples througho

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Medium type: Concrete; Earth; Marble/Stone

Date created: 2022

Dimensions: 16 feet tall upon a 5-foot base


W Market St & S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX, 78205



  • "Stargazer" at the River Walk Public Art Garden

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