I created this hand-painted mural with Centro San Antonio at the historic building that houses Herweck’s Art Supply store. This mural speaks to the greater societal value that touch now has, whether literally embracing our loved ones or joining together in solidarity. It’s about unity and communities who historically and currently lead essential movements for change. It represents the middle space within invented binaristic divisions and reminds of the complexity of identity. The colors from a figure on one side are reflected in the figure on the other side–those who we see as different than us may not be so different after all. The silhouettes are representative of humanity as a whole and our universal similarities. As they come together, there’s a bigger picture in sight, a cosmic connection.

Category: Mural
Collection: Centro San Antonio
Location: Downtown

Medium type: Paint

Date created: 2020

Dimensions: 12' x 40'

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300 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX, 78205

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