Urban Porch / West Side Bus Shelter

“Urban Porch” by New Orleans based artist Andrea Caillouet evokes the character and heritage of the San Antonio Westside Neighborhood by creating visual markers along its cultural corridors. The artwork references traditional colors and patterns from Mexican textiles. The artist’s intent for the project was to shift user’s experience away from waiting for a future event or arrival of the bus, toward enjoying the present moment by swaying on a glider.

Location: Neighborhood

Medium type: Concrete; Paint; Steel

Date created: 2014

Dimensions: variable

Associated artists

Andrea Caillouet
Andrea Caillouet


700 Block of S. Brazos, San Antonio, TX, 78207

Additional Information

Accession Number: 2015.CAI.1.1-3
District: 5
Location: Guadalupe and Brazos
Artist URL: http://www.andreacaillouet.com/

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