Created for the San Antonio Museum of Art’s Community Mural Program, this mural is comprised of thirty-two individual jigsawed and hand-painted panels. It highlights people within the San Antonio community who are artists, activists, writers, musicians, healers, culture workers, and stewards of the land. They are seen thriving in their environment amongst native plants and birds. Those represented in the mural came together for a community day to paint the water element. Their portraits surround the San Antonio River, whose spirit was named Yanaguana by the Coahuiltecan first peoples of this land.

Assistants: Michael Menchaca, Galileo Gonzalez, Madison Cowles Serna

Community Muralists: Maria C. Turvin, Barbara Felix, Manuel Davila, Jess Gonzales, Ceiba Ili, Aminah Decé, Laura Yohualtlahuiz Ríos Ramirez, Álvaro Itzli Ramirez, Huitzi Ramirez, Ketzal Ramirez, Sarah Aguilar, Kim Bonoan, Anna Gordy

Portraits: Jess Gonzales, Sarah Aguilar, Ceiba Ili, Manuel Davila, Aissatou Sidime-Blanton, Stewart Blanton, Azul Barrientos, Alisa Garza, Maria C. Turvin, Jazzalaya Bethel, Anel I. Flores, Erika A. Casasola, Jessica R. Gonzalez, Klarissa A. Gonzalez, Barbara Felix, Laura Yohualtlahuiz Ríos Ramirez, Álvaro Itzli Ramirez, Andrea Vocab Sanderson

Medium type: Paint; Wood

Date created: 2021

Dimensions: 10' x 24'


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200 West Jones Avenue, San Antonio, TX, 78215

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