Federal Reserve Bank

Federal Reserve Bank

Our group is one of 38 cities in a nationwide rally to educate the American citizens about the Federal Reserve, our Fiat monetary system, and fractional banking practices. Our ultimate goal is to restore sound money principles in the United States. We are urging the return to a currency based on something with intrinsic value, such as gold or silver. The current Federal Reserve Bank, established in 1913, is the third central banking institution in the United States. The first two such institutions were abolished by the will of the citizens. We dispute the existence of the current version of the private central bank on the grounds that it concentrates the majority of our nation’s wealth in the hands of very few. The FED regulates a large share of the country’s banking and financial systems and manages our money supply by printing money in the form of Federal Reserve Notes. The United States government pays a fee to the FED to exchange Federal Reserve Notes for government bonds. The fees assessed for printing this toxic paper are then paid for by the American people in the form of Income taxes. In essence, because the FED is not overseen by any branch of the United States government, this practice constitutes what is known as taxation without representation. The recent bailouts are extremely blatant examples of this. We are also raising awareness to support the congressional bill H.R. 2755, also known as the “Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act”.

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Federal Reserve Bank

126 E. Nueva, San Antonio, TX 78204


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