Abel Duran

Abel Duran Jr.

Abel Duran Jr. (b. 1996) is a Hispanic American Artist from the Rio Grande Valley (Mercedes, TX), currently based in San Antonio, TX. Influenced by cultural Mexican heritage as well as traditional European oil painting and sketching techniques. Maintaining a Studio and Digital-media practice creating in oil and acrylic paint, charcoal, clay, and digital illustrations. Using an automatic-formal technique, the design of each piece is both planned and subconscious. Pleasing the eye with simple observations that reveal aesthetic beauty in both organic and/or structured forms with color.
Keeping in touch with the Artist community Mr. Duran attends live model sessions at the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts and works at the San Antonio Museum of Art. He has had works exhibited at the International Museum of Art and Science with Marilyn Carren in 2018, McAllen, TX, 37th Annual Juried Student Exhibition. March 2021, San Antonio, TX, and the Creative Eye Gallery “Picture of you” Group Exhibition, October 2021, San Antonio, TX.

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For inspiration Abel Duran Jr. reflects from his aesthetics, environment, cultural surroundings, and ever-growing genre art book collection. The process of any or mostly all of the art pieces began as an idea that is digitally sketched, where color, form, and line-work come in to play to get a visual representation of how the organic, or structured composition could look like before the painting/project is even started.
Always learning and wanting to understand all sides of perspective, Jr uses the freedom of Art to analyze, express, contemplate, debate, and shed light on subjects that receive little to know recognition because of moder-day values and morals.

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