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Performing Our Narratives

Liminal-Beings Performance Group is an international performance entity of committed dance and performance practitioners to bring performance to the world. Emerging out of our current cultural terrain, Liminal-Beings Performance Group was launched to provide performance and services to communities via online. LBPG is an entity of movement for social change and awareness through our work. 

About the Director:

Adel Hernandez is a Queer Tejanx-Chicanx dance and performance artist. They use movement from the hips— to the chest— and throughout the limbs, isolation, and delays of movement exploring and responding to our cultural terrain. The movement-based work produced comes from their ancestors and their queerness. They make work that tells stories of liminal beings and landscapes through contemporary dance and performance art.

“Thought-Provoking and Candid” – Morgan Stevenson, Theater Educator, Playwright and Director of “If We Don’t Get It, Shut it Down” 2016, NY, NY

“Are there ghosts that live in your body, telling you things?” This is the question that repeats in my mind every time I experience a movement based work born from Adel Hernandez’s practice. But when the performance finishes, it’s not a haunting I’m left with but something more like a spirit pushing out of its body in order to reclaim the body. The self-movement toward queer belonging; a procession of so ... view more »

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  • Title: Everyone is Everyone is Everyone Choreographer: Adel Hernandez Dancers: San Antonio College Students Fall 2018

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