Alán Serna

Alán Serna is a mixed media artist from Huanusco, Zacatecas now living and working in San Antonio, TX. In 2018, Serna earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in printmaking from the University of Kentucky and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2015 from the University of Texas at San Antonio where he is currently a professor of painting and drawing.


My practice utilizes a range of processes, including traditional printmaking, mass-produced ephemera, and digital mapping to chronicle my family’s personal and political immigrant narratives. I utilize views shaped by my bi-national upbringing to create a visual language that allows me to process and depict my experiences growing up in the United States and Mexico. I chronicle my family’s personal and political immigrant narratives through the deconstruction and re-composing of photos from family archives, smart phone photographs and screenshots. Through my practice I touch on personal aspects of my upbringing, my relationship to labor, and simultaneous feelings of nostalgia and displacement.

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