Alejandro Aldana

Filming Lifting the Faith "La Antigua Guatemala"

Alejandro began his journey in photography at 8 with B/W film. He studied System Analysis at the University of Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala City, and launched the city’s first Mac Users Group in 1988. He furthered his education in Photomechanics and Art at Pasadena City College. By 1993, he was at NBC Channel 6 in Corpus Christi as a Live Graphics & Camera Operator and worked at Grunwald Printing as a specialist. He later shifted to San Antonio in 1995, joining Clarke Printing and later founding a Digital Design Studio, Advance Productions. In 2000, Alejandro served as the Creative Director at Ricos Products Co., influencing iconic snack packaging for over two decades. He renamed his studio to HDmedia in 2003, producing stories for nine of the leading National Hispanic TV Shows. He crafted the documentary “Lifting the Faith” in 2009, capturing Guatemala’s Holy Week. In 2016, Alejandro established a comprehensive production studio in San Antonio, earning several accolades including the ISP International Society of Photographers.

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

As a multimedia professional, my expertise lies in exploring and manipulating the myriad ways visuals and sounds intersect to create compelling narratives and impactful presentations. With an emphasis on innovation, I delve deep into the essence of my client's needs, molding them into dynamic visual stories.

Innovation with Light: Assessment of natural and artificial light sources. Expertise in manipulating light to evoke emotions and enhance storytelling. Provision of solutions that maximize the effectiveness of available light.

Music Editing and Adaptation: Music selection tailored to the specific style of the customer or product life style to be projected. Proficient editing techniques to ensure smooth transitions, appropriate mood setting, and resonance with target audiences. Synchronization of visuals and music to provide cohesive storytelling.

Dynamic Video Motion: Creation and management of dynamic video sequences. Implementation of movement techniques to ensure fluidity and viewer engagement. Use of advanced video programable Gear as well pos-tproduction software and tools to bring stories to life.

Focused Subject Presentation: Detailed analysis of the primary subject to determine optimal presentation techniques. Emphasizing the subject through techniques like depth of field, framing, and lighting. Ensuring the subject remains the focal point, irrespective of surrounding elements.

Attention to Detail: Rigorous review processes to identify and rectify any overlooked elements. Consideration of minute details, from background elements to texture nuances, to create a polished final product.

Expert Color Correction and Grading: Utilization of advanced color grading tools to enhance visual aesthetics. Detailed color correction to ensure accuracy and vibrancy across all visual elements. Ensuring consistent and harmonious color palettes throughout the project.

In every project, I bring a fusion of passion, skill, and dedicated focus. My holistic approach ensures that each element, from the wide angle to the intricate details of macro photography, aligns seamlessly with the client's vision. Whether it's a product showcase, a personal project, or a brand advertisement, my goal is to translate ideas into a visual engaging experience.


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