Arturo Mireles

From San Antonio, Texas, Arturo Javier Mireles graduated with great honors from the College of Arts and Media at the University of Colorado Denver during the Global Pandemic. He thrives under extreme pressure, something attributed to being a combat infantryman, and has a drive instilled by overcoming his own struggle growing up off Marbach. When he was a student attending the Science and Engineering Academy at John Jay High School, Arturo specialized in film and television being a part of the World of Jay Entertainment News, or WJEN. Arturo now specializes in Writing, Directing, Producing, Editing, Cinematography, Sound Design, & Production Management.

Developing dozens of films, work-shopping treatments for a few of them, I plan on producing my own films. My goal is to own and operate my own studios in San Antonio, Texas, in order to create the art I want to see on screen as well as assist other in the creation of their art as a means to add diversity in cinema.

Featured at:
2017 San Francisco Veteran Film Festival (Simple Solution)
2018 Denver Silent Film Festival (Prey)
2018 Portland Comedy Film Festival (Colorado’s Comedian)
2019 Colorado International Cannabis & Hemp Film Festival (Green Revolution: Proof of Concept)
2020 Rivercity Underground Film Festival (Marbachumentary)
2021 Ethnografilm Festival (Marbachumentary)
2021 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalist & Award Nominee (El Soldado De Marbach)
2021 Colorado International Cannabis & Hemp Film Festiva

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  • El Camaroncito (Arturo Javier Mireles, 2020)

    San Antonio Folklore surrounding the tale of the Dancing Devil. This documentary was screened at the 42 CineFestival San Antonio and the audience response to this film encouraged Arturo Javier Mireles to finish the screenplay he started two days before the screening. During the Q&A, Arturo Javier Mireles was asked if there were any projects that is slated in the future and he announced that the development was done and that he will be completing the screenplay to produce his first feature length film. This documentary was produced with a budget of $50.00 and the sound design features on-site wild sound. Arturo Javier Mireles spent lots of time in Pre-production, Production and Post-production in order to distribute to film festivals because he had the goal of screening it live in a theater and not just on Social Media or YouTube. To all that attended the LIVE screening, I thank you for being there to experience the live audience response and not just a thumbs up or comment on internet platforms. Check out @NoCommercialValueProductions on instagram for more information.

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