Brandon Pittman

I am the creator, host, composer, and showrunner of local webseries “Powdered Wig Machine”. After years of floating through the music and art scenes of San Antonio, I was inspired to create a talk show which raises awareness for local artists and small businesses in town. “Powdered Wig Machine” exists somewhere between short art films and offbeat comedies wherein a real conversation will inevitably be swallowed by the fantasy afoot. Along my strange journeys within this vehicle of expression, I have interviewed local and modern day mystics that identify as: visual artists, exotic dancers, cosplayers, teachers, drag queens, musicians, Rocky Horror shadow cast members, bartenders, and tattoo artists. Being the showrunner, I band together people on the fringes of our local art and LQBTQIA+ scenes to work together in creating each episode.


  • My Character Patricia performs with her backing band The Bra-Lettes


  • This is taken from Powdered Wig Machine Episode 9 where Patricia Madison has become a nationwide star on YouTube thanks to her sassy but relatable DIY cooking show. However, just ask the severed heads of three tattoo artists and they'll tell you that not all is what it seems behind the scenes.

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