Carlos Moore

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Known to other artists as ‘Goose’, Carlos is a complex mixed media artist with a background in drawing, digital art, textile printing, and epoxy resin.  Born to military parents,  he began sketching to pass the time during frequent traveling.  “My grandfather was a painter, and as long as i can remember, i possessed a passion to explore various artistic elements.  I would burn crayons, mix anything that came to mind, and try all sorts of things; usually resulting in ruining a lot of  materials and toys; my parents weren’t thrilled.”   He’s a visionary artist whose creative journey transcends traditional boundaries by blending a multitude of various mediums to forge unique and captivating pieces.  Art classes and education in his  earlier years allowed him to practice with different utensils, paving the way for his progression in  mixed media.  “The nickname, Goose, actually began as an insult; you know – kids can be cruel.   In grade school,  I could only draw birds.  As the other kids had progressed to facial profiles,  I was still only able to draw birds, and one in particular – take a guess.”   Digital art was introduced later in college, at Kent State University, where he Majored in Visual Communication Design.  This is where he learned to create a mesmerizing blend of intricate details, vibrant colors, and thought-provoking concepts.   After moving to San Antonio, he was able to sharpen his craft where design, printing, and installing various mediums sn ... view more »

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Complex Mixed media.  Any subject or theme given, I am honored to tackle.



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