Darcell Andre


I am a spiritualist born of an artist and healer. My father was a black latin-jazz musician who doubled as a full-time bar and restaurant owning entrepreneur. My mother is a nurse, who doubles as a herbal alchemist – keeping her garden and her children alive and well. I manifest here today as a Spiritual Teacher, who utilizes music, acting, photography and creative direction as a medium to awaken the soul. I am a wise risk taker, who believes that any vision, idea, story, or moment is worth it if it changes the vibration of the experiencer for the better.

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I profess that art is the perfect balance of wisdom and action; the divine energy of creation activated into a concept, alchemized into an image, and transmuted into film and motion! I often birth projects from their very essence: light and shadow, ie: color. Color contains the energy of the moment, the foundation of the emotion, and presses forward the truth of the project. As a creator, I always seek the authentic aura within a vision, and I think I do an ancestor-approved job executing it. Whatever medium that you experience my art through, it is my desire that you feel much better afterward.

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