Jacob Tobar

Hello, my name is Jacob Tobar and I’m a fourth generation multi disciplinary artist based in San Antonio, TX. I have a passion for all forms of art with reinforced concrete “Trabajo Rustico” sculpting being my main focus. I have worked on over a dozen public art projects in and around the San Antonio area, ranging from the World Heritage trail at Mission rd and Roosevelt to the Fallen Firefighters Memorial at the Fire Training Academy. In 2018 I began my studio Mas Rustico to continue a family tradition of public art and to follow my own vision.

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I still distinctly remember being five years old watching my uncle and my dad making sculptures out of metal and cement while I played in my uncle’s shop on the Southeast side of  San Antonio. They made deer and trees and every manner of nature seem to come alive out of nothing. I came to learn this type of art was called “Trabajo Rustico”. This started a passion in me for all forms of art, with reinforced concrete “Faux Bois” sculpting being my main focus. 16 years ago I followed my roots and began working with my family on many residential and public art projects in and around south-central Texas. As a fourth generation Trabajo Rustico Artisan, I am driven by the artists and fabricators who came before me. I love collaborating and I am super inspired by all of the amazing current artists working today in multiple forms of media. Art speaks to all types of people and places, and it’s always been my dream to be a part of that. I’ve been fortunate in my life to travel extensively all over our globe and live and work side by side with amazing individuals from a myriad of cultures. I am so grateful for the way these experiences have enhanced my personal growth, as well as contributing to my body of work. I continue to be in awe of and inspired by nature and its constant ability to show us the beauty and diversity of Life, Death, and everything in Between.

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