Jen Hughes

Texas Floral Painting. Part of a Permanent Collection of University Health Systems

Hi there! I’m Jen– a contemporary artist and color-enthusiast, using my art and energy as a catalyst for positive change. Based out of my home studio in San Antonio, my artistic mission is to bring joy and happiness into the lives of everyday humans, through my original artwork, vibrant murals, art-boxes and teaching workshops at local hospitals.

I was born in the southeast, but officially became a “Texan” at the age of ten. I spent most afternoons and summers surrounded my my grandmother’s art and guidance to explore all media types– she was an art teacher and artist herself. I continued to explore art in college, with a minor degree in graphic design, but I’m is largely self-taught. I consider myself a student of life: always learning, exploring and evolving, just like my art. After working in the advertising field post college, I became an educator, teaching both first grade students and nightly art classes. After having my two children here in San Antonio, I decided to start my own art business, Studio Jen Hughes, where I now focus on painting, teaching and creating engaging art products.

Along with art, I have a passion for serving children in need, offering my art and time whenever possible. It has brought me great joy to donate a large school mural, create colorful schoolyard art, build and sustain an on-going school garden, and serve in organizations such as SnackPak4Kids, Blueprint Ministries, The Children’s Hunger Fund and The Strong Foundation. My goal is to show k ... view more »

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

In most of my paintings, I choose to disregard the traditional and explore the inspirational by leading with colors and shapes that come together in unexpected ways. There is so much magic in the world to appreciate and explore! My use of vibrant colors and intricate details invite you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find solace in unexpected color and whimsy. I primarily work with acrylics, mixed media, digital design, and latex for murals, but I don't just create pretty pictures; I aim to evoke emotions ranging from calm and serene to exuberance and vitality, reflecting the multifaceted experiences of nature itself.

I have been told my murals have an innate ability to uplift spirits, evoke smiles, and create a sense of wonder for everyone who encounters them. Such a blessing! I draw much inspiration from the southwestern Texas landscape, my U.S. travels and the intricacy of nature's glory. I believe color and design can transport us into an imaginary world where you can feel yourself standing inside the painting, as the sunset hues of pink, orange and lavender seep into your soul, or the rolling hills of pinks and greens invite you to take off your shoes and feel the flowers beneath your feet. It's magical!

I enjoy working closely with clients, taking the time to understand their personality and aspirations, so I may infuse their mural with a personal touch. I've spent many years honing my craft to perfection, by focusing on attention to detail, precision, and commitment to delivering beyond expectations. I don't want my clients to like their murals, I want them to fall head-over-heals in love with it!

I feel extremely grateful to use my talents and passion to bring joy to others through art.

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