Joe E Fuentes

Gospursgo by Joe Fuentes

⊗Art is everything to me since I was a kid I was so amazed at myself that I can draw my Marvel action cards and my buddies thought I was good so they gave me the burst of enthusiasm to become this artist by challenging me to draw Ninja Turtles and any of their favorite characters they brought to my table I’m a custom visual artist for the people by the people I go by you think it I ink it I love to bring the vision of the art on portraying art is beautiful and I believe art can make the world neighborhoods and even people better I remember when I lived in the Menchaca homes this man came and called all the kids out to help him paint the murals on the wall I was amazed I was with that man every day on every building I helped him paint two story project buildings and I fell in love with all the craziness going on in the world I know art can bring people together because in the projects I was so scared to go outside when that man called all of us out to paint I got to meet all the neighborhood kids and it wasn’t bad at all they were all like me just wanting to paint and express themselves I think art helped me in many ways by expressing myself and especially to meet other people which I never wanted to do never was a social butterfly but like I said art brings people together and me being able to Express and visualize my thoughts through ART I love to see the eyes and smiles light up when my art is featured especially for a client I would love to see San Antonio smile Joe Fuen ... view more »

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I'm a custom muralist  for 25 years also do Canvas murals Commission paintings business logos tattoos any design I go by you think it I ink it .....Joey Fuentes custom visual artist for the People by the people I like to see my clients face light up so that's why I go by you thinking I ink it   I give the client exactly what they want portraying your visual thoughts on any element

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