Keanu Bicol

When he’s not on the electric guitar for the Texas-based alternative and punk-rock band, Dunwich Heroes, you’ll often find Keanu experimenting with multiple genres and making songs that’ll make you want to dance, pet a cat, or cry. Inspired by artists such as Phum Viphurit, khai dreams, Last Dinosaurs, and keshi, Keanu loves to create music that either makes you want to experience nostalgia or turn the volume all the way up. He often tries to integrate deeper meanings into his songs, trying to convey stories and experiences within them, whether that be a romanticized scenario that people wish to be a part of, or acknowledging the reality of tough situations and all of its perspectives. His latest release, i won’t run, is an indie and alternative rock track that talks about the hardships of doing everything for the validation and love of others.


  • OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO for "i won't run"

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  • Keanu\'s debut single, \"i won\'t run\".