Linda Romero


Romero formerly the Lead Designer for Phyllis Browning, San Antonio’s premier Real Estate Company. Romero worked in business development and event marketing through research and implementation. Her passion for developing businesses in San Antonio and being part of the transformation San Antonio is experiencing, drew her to the firm. Prior to joining the real estate world, Romero worked as a creative coordinator for the San Antonio based branding firm Hilmy . Her interest in building local businesses as well as her excitement about the arts and design made her a shoo in for the role. Linda was an integral part of the Hilmy family for the better part of three years. She acted as more than just an employee; she helped develop the very growth model that has opened man y doors to where they are today. Her expertise have been realized by many and her work can be seen in the San Antonio downtown area, the Historic Pearl Brewery and Alamo Heights. Outside of work, Romero enjoys lifestyle photography, illustration, screenwriting, and directing.

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  • A short film written by Linda Romero and directed by Linda Romero & David Lopez about Pete, a motorcycle rider who discovers that a bike his neighbor gives him has a history that brings Pete\'s past back to haunt him.