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“Miles Davis bends the notes.  He doesn’t play them.  I bend the paint.”

Williem de Kooning


“I bend the paint”, this quote strikes me right. Being an intuitive painter, painting in an abstract expressionist style, what comes through me onto the canvas is not rational or realistic but an expression of self and soul. Magically my paintings are images and manifestations of the compositions in my mind formulated by memories of my life experiences and the vast landscape.  I feel fluid, spontaneous and energetic when I paint.  I love the dance that occurs between myself and the painting. Structure and composition prevail, but energy and action drive the painting where one stroke or color calls for the next.  Hence, “I bend the paint”.

I believe that when a viewer connects with one of my expressive paintings we are meeting on a deeper more emotional level, perhaps even one that isn’t easily explained. Visual art is one of the means of non- verbal communication.  It allows for establishing a multilevel connection between the artist and the art viewer.  Where I left off with the painting is now where the viewer enters in, to derive their own meaning, emotion, memory or perhaps simply to enjoy.   This view can continue to evolve and change as they spend time with the painting.  There is no confining image, only the playground of imagination and wonder.



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