Maximo Anguiano

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Maximo Anguiano is a multi-talented creative/performer out of San Antonio, TX. or Yanaguana (Land of the Spirit Waters). Maximo has found range and made contributions to society as an actor, activist, athlete, host/MC, father, loving partner, social entrepreneur, strategist, public intellectual, personality, podcast host, and thought-leader. He has emerged as one of the most talented and dynamic individuals of his generation. As a critical, intellectual voice on the intersection of culture, sociopolitics, and racial justice, Maximo is a champion of the Latine/a/x/o community and a true cross-pollinator of innovation. As a Master’s of Science candidate at Grand Valley State University, Maximo studied at Macquarie University in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia where he completed an ethnographic case study on the colonialism of the Indigenous Australian population—the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. As an athlete, Maximo played on two Division II National Championship Football teams under Head Coach Brian Kelly. Through various community, artistic, and educational works, Maximo‘s passion & charisma have electrified crowds; bringing a fresh, progressive and driven approach to changing the world. Maximo is the host/MC for one of the largest Dia de los Muertos festivals in the country, “MuertosFest,” curating three stages with over 150,000 attendees during the holiday weekend in San Antonio, TX. Film & theatre credits include, “La Llorona,” “Jotos del Barrio,

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Maximo is undeniably one of the most charismatic and dynamic life-forces that you’ll find anywhere. With over 20 years of public speaking, performance art, and presentation experience, Maximo's dynamic personality has crafted a socially conscious space for entertaining, inspiring, and engaging dialogue at "The Maximo Show: people. culture. power talks." Far from the drama, the chisme or gossip that you'll find at the ordinary talk show, The Maximo Show strives to leave viewers empowered, uplifted, and with a fulfilled sense of hope in humanity. Each week, the show experience  would be similar to sitting in on a workshop at a large-scale conference, a graduate level collegiate course, or a paid self-help consulting session. Highlighting current events, progressive movements with trailblazers, torchbearers, and thought leaders, the show is a cross between “Meet the Press with Chuck Todd” and “The Breakfast Club” on Power 105 radio. The show is also entirely the brainchild of, produced and distributed by Black & Brown talent. We are modeling that Black & Brown communities should not be contained within a box, part of a marketing ploy/gimmick, or used to teach trauma, but rather highlight our brilliance as the standard of modern culture. This is who we are, ingrained in our DNA, showcasing our joy, gifts, and prowess . It's fun, it's provocative, it's enlightening! Come see what all the hype is about @vodpodmedia! 

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  • A Real Talk on Men's Health - You’ve probably heard and seen all of the stats regarding men and #mentalhealth. How men, in developed countries, are about three times as likely to die by suicide. How men are more likely to misuse drugs and alcohol, and to die from alcohol-related causes. How men are less likely to seek treatment and support for mental health issues, which research suggests could be linked to a fear of being seen as weak. So I’ve called upon three of the strongest, trailblazing, yet vulnerable, genuine, and courageous men to assist with our discussion. Join me in welcoming Rick Gipprich, Teofilo Reyes, Jr., and Gera Omar Marin to the studio where we’ll delve into the importance of creating mens only spaces, destigmatizing seeking resources, and sharing online avenues to find help.

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