Michele Monseau

I am a professional visual artist, musician and vocalist, an educator, and founder/director of Three Walls Gallery, which in recent years has become a roving space that mounts special projects.  In 2021, my new series of video work will be shown at the CICA Museum in Seoul, South Korea and at the 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival. In 2020, my work was exhibited at the Venice International Art Fair and Luis Leu Gallery in Karlsruhe, Germany along with being selected for a summer residency at the Totaldobre Residency, Tallinas ielas Kvartals in Riga, Latvia. In 2019, I was a finalist for the Tobin Prize, granted by the Artist Foundation of San Antonio. In recent years I received an artist residency through the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art in Cesis, Latvia where I workshopped collaborative artworks/actions with artists, semioticians, linguists, and musicians from all over the world, which was a life-changing experience. In recent years I was also awarded an Idea Fund Grant, part of a re-granting program of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

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