Nick Blevins

As the primary lyricist and songwriter for the celebrated San Antonio soul group The Foreign Arm since 2015, and a musician my entire conscious life before that, the musical arts have never been far from mind for me. Whether I’m playing with the band or solo however, all of my music begins at home alone, typically with my guitar and piano. With the equipment I’ve gathered over the years, I can work basic ideas into fully fleshed-out songs, through my DAW. More recently, my goal has been to expand my skills in production, and to gain a greater understanding of audio engineering to become a more effective studio and recording musician.

The past year has been one of isolation, and so I’ve had more time to focus on writing new music. While I continue to enjoy writing and working with the band, I’ve accumulated more musical ideas that exist outside of the band’s present themes, aesthetically and sonically. I’d like to flesh those ideas out, and to produce a piece of art as an individual artist.


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  • My song \"Persimmon\", featuring Andrea \"Vocab\" Sanderson; music and production by Nick Blevins

  • My song \"Dry Spell\"; all music, lyrics, and production by Nick Blevins