Oscar Alvarado

One of the most photographed attractions in San Antonio, PanterAzul by Oscar Alvarado, Yanaguana Garden Hemisfair Park.

I am a tile mosaic artist based in San Antonio, Texas and I create small and large scale sculptures, murals and other tile mosaic pieces.  I build steel armatures for my sculptures and then fill and sculpt them with specialty concrete. Then I intricately cover the work in thousands of pieces of tile, glass and found objects. I am a 9th generation Texan and live in San Antonio, Texas.  After graduating from UTSA in 1985 , I moved to Los Angeles and succeeded in the computer business.  Since 1989 I have been self employed and involved in the arts.   I am one of the founders of First Friday Art Walk in San Antonio in 1994 and have continued to be active in the arts community where I own my own home and studio, both in the Southtown area of San Antonio.   With over 25 public art pieces in San Antonio, I also have created other public art in Texas including: Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, and Plano.  In addition, my work has been installed in homes in Washington DC, San Francisco, Billings, Reno, Colorado Springs, Austin, Maplewood, and throughout San Antonio. I am creating installations and sculptures that communicate to all people. I want my public work not only bring a sense of place and joy to those who view them, but also to help build a sense of community and communal ownership of the artwork and the space it occupies.

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